Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What’s the Plan, Cinderella?

Wedding Stress Management: Part 2

As she slipped her delicate heal into the perfectly tailored glass slipper, a small sigh escaped her lips. He was her Prince, her happily ever after. Gazing lovingly into his beautiful eyes, she placed her slender fingers into his outstretched hand and gracefully rose to her feet….CRACK!...the glass heel just broke.
Now what, Cinderella?

Welcome back to Part 2 of Relish’s Wedding Stress Management Series! MD here! As much as we wish we could simply spin in a circle under the ministrations of our Fairy-Godmother’s magic wand and, with the help of some talking rats, become the belle of the ball in 2.5 seconds, the truth is, this fairy tale beginning requires some old fashioned hard work!
So how do you create this picture perfect day without losing all your hair? ...

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Then after that, create a Plan B and possibly C. Don’t just assume it will all come together in the end. Before all you type B personalities start throwing rotten bananas, hear me out! [note from Relish Editor, Rebecca: Thank you MD, I have set my bananas down and have opted to make banana bread instead. Us Type B's are all about back up plans, ha]
Planning for your picture perfect day is essential to remaining balanced and relaxed and it should begin the moment you say (or scream), “Yes!”. The more details you can hammer out in the beginning, the more relaxed you can be while you waltz down that rose petal covered aisle to spend forever with that handsome hunka-hunka-burnin’ love (right, Rebecca?). [Amen, MD!]

Want to know when you should hire that photographer or design those Relish save-the-date cards? Click HERE for a Wedding Planning Checklist which will help you in your endeavor to plan out your fabulous day to remember.

Keep in mind, that even with all that planning, nothing is perfect. You can’t change other people, the weather, or slow time down. But you can choose to enjoy your day no matter what may come because you’ll be marrying your soul mate and committing to an amazing life where there really is a happily ever after…even if the glass shoe pinched a little.

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angie said...

cute, MD! glad you've got a new outlet, looking forward to more.