Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Though I have not been out of the country (unless you count Mexico), I have traveled the states rather extensively. The truth is, we have a lot to offer in terms of romantic destinations.

This past weekend, I took my mom on a Mother's Day getaway to Asheville, North Carolina. I immediately fell in love with this city. It was artsy, casual, and rich in history. We spent Sunday at the Biltmore Estate which was incredible. We geeked out a little bit and did the audio tour. I felt like I was back in time, so great.

Although I did not experience Asheville as a romantic destination, I could easily see how it could be. Plenty of art galleries and museums to get lost in, not to mention excellent local theater and music scene. The views of the mountains were spectacular, and the people were so friendly.

After you get creative with your invitations, start getting creative with your honeymoon ideas!

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Amber Noel said...

You are so right about our country and how romantic it can be. We have been to Asheville many times, having family members living near there, they would watch our daughter while we would enjoy Asheville for a night out. Not only is it a beautiful, clean, safe, energetic city, but it has every food from Tapas to Turkey Burgers. PS we spent our honeymoon at a bed and breakfast just north of there in the Mountains.