Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Money-Saving Stationery Tips

At Relish, we understand that the economy is effecting a lot of people, including brides. We wanted to offer you a list of ways to cut your budget for stationery!

1) Postage! This is one area many brides don't consider until it's time to stamp & send their wonderful invitation packages. If you are not aware of what you are going to be paying, it can be a huge additional expense you were not expecting.

A - Choose a Basic Shape / Size. While we LOVE Square, it will cost you extra in postage. Go with a more traditional "Classic" Shape or the trendy "Horizon / Slim"
B - 86 the embellishments. We LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE embellishments! That's at the heart of Relish! However, we recommend to our customers to have their invitations manually stamped if they have embellishments. This is so that the embellishments aren't crushed or pushed through the envelope in those automatic postage processing machines. If you want your invitations beautiful, but also want to save money, stick with either an "Imprint" or a "Cutout" and leave off the popular "Stones" Or "Ribbons".
C - Keep it simple. Make RSVP Cards to send as postcards (which is our default), which will save on postage AND weight in the invitation package by eliminating the RSVP envelope. Also, don't send direction cards or menus. Just keep the package simple to save on weight.
* For more information about postage, we will be doing a full blog on this on Friday!

2) Skip the traditional Save-the-Dates
Save-the-Dates were originally intended for people getting married with lots of family out-of-state so they could give them plenty notice to take off work and book hotel rooms, etc. If most of your guests are in-town, there is no real need to send save-the-dates (except that you are so excited to let everyone know you are engaged!)

A - Send out digital save-the-dates. Try
B - Send out a video / slideshow announcing your engagement. This is a super cute alternative to a save-the-date. Make a video yourself and post on You Tube. Or download a slideshow creator like the one at Amara.
C - Get a smaller quantity of Save-the-Date cards. And ONLY send to those out-of-town guests. See our selection here: Relish Save-the-Dates

3) Wedding Programs
A - Cut the quantity down. Only hand them out one per family and even consider skipping a quantity for bridal party. Most people like these to be keep-sakes, but we're sure you're taking care of your bridal party with gifts anyway!
B - Do your own wedding programs using a wedding program template, like the ones here:
The only downfall to this is that you are limited on Cuteness and for those less experience in graphic design, it can take a long time and lead to frustration. If you are already short on time (or patience), it may be worth it to pay someone. However, if you have the time & creative juices, give it a try. The worst that can happen is you don't like your creation and then you can come back for some super cute Relish programs!

4) Cut some of the details.
A - Table Placement #s and Cards. This will not only save you on cost, but on time. Instead, have a friend or two act as "hostess" and have them seat guests. It gives guests a quality experience by being seated. You can get as detailed by giving the hostesses a seating chart with names or you can just let them make it work out the best they can the day of. I've been to a hostess wedding and it worked very nicely - it felt like something was added instead of taken away!
B - Thank You Cards. Do these as postcards instead of note cards. This will save on postage yet again. Relish does not offer these at this time, but check back! :)
C - Napkins. We have to be honest. We really don't like custom napkins.

Seriously. We apologize if this is against the norm - they just seem like an old trend. Maybe that's because there aren't any super-cute trendy napkins. In the end though, for me personally, it has always seemed like a waste of money. And there is just something about Uncle Barry wiping his mouth (or his nose) with my name or with a photo of me that just doesn't sit well.
C - Confetti and other cute details. Look, we know that the monogrammed confetti and the monogram on the dance floor are awesome. Seriously - we understand more than anyone how awesome it is to coordinate all of this stuff. But in the end, does anyone else really notice? Is it going to make a difference in your day? Cut some of those things that seem like little extra expense and see how they start to add up in big savings!

5) Order in bulk! Most stationers will work with you to get you a better price if you are ordering a lot of different stationery items from them. At Relish, you get a coupon / discount offer with every order you place for a future order. However, if you call your stationer like Relish, we will work with you to get you a better bulk price upfront if you want to order everything at once. This should also save you on Shipping & Handling fees to order everything at once!

Just remember a couple things.
1 - You get what you pay for (or don't pay for)
2 - It's your day - budget for what is important to YOU! If you LOVE paper (like we do) then it may be more important to you to have this over certain dinner options or a special videographer. Set priorities as to what matters most to you and THEN set your budget accordingly. Don't go by the wedding standards - set your own and then start shopping! And remember to enjoy the journey!

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