Monday, July 20, 2009

What's YOUR wedding COLOR?

Colors are endless and the slightest difference in shade can make a difference in the whole tone of an event. The question is "How do you decide what colors to define your wedding day?" There are many factors to consider when answering this question. You can use these factors (below) to map out which colors (primary and accent) are going to work best with the tone of your day. Most of these factors can be found right on your invitation!

1) Location
Think of the tones already in the location setting of where you are having your ceremony. You don't need to necessarily match them - you will need to choose colors that complement them though.

If you are getting married in a garden full of greens and maybe some bright flowers, a lot of blue would clash. If you are getting married in a church with lots of burgundy pews and fluorescent lighting... Blue may be right up your alley, along with Yellows - which would help brighten everything up. You can use the color wheel below to show you what colors are complementary. Click here for the full Blog on Complementary Colors.

There are 2 points that need to be made on this subject.
1 - Just because you are getting married in a garden doesn't mean you just use green as your color. (which is what yours truly did!) There are options and even while you may choose green, you can also choose an awesome accent color to add even more personality to the day!
2 - You seriously may not want to make your color selection until you know your venue.

The season you are getting married in helps set a tone for color choices. Of course with Spring & Summer come the greens, yellows, plums, etc. With the Fall comes more of the oranges and reds. *Remember though - trends don't matter if they clash with the other factors in your wedding. We will be doing a blog soon on some of the upcoming Winter color trends.

In the meantime, here are some of this Summer & Fall's wedding trends shown by photos:

The time of day that you are getting married often established if it is a more formal wedding or a more casual setting. Black is rarely the color choice but at night, it is a perfectly acceptable choice to give a formal setting. Don't forget to use an accent color though!

4) Last but not least... WHO
YOU & your fiance are the biggest deciding factors! If all the other factors point to pink but you HATE pink with a passion, then throw it out! If everything in the church is purple, we wouldn't suggest having purple as your color. However, if you LOVE purple, then do what you love! Again, as we always say - the wedding is about YOU! So while we in the wedding business can offer you our suggestions and tell you about the latest trends, ultimately there are no hard, fast rules. Do what makes you happy (even if it is putting your bridesmaids in peach!) :)

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