Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reminder: ABG Blogging Workshop starts Aug 16th!

This is going out to my fellow business owners... as well as fun, blogging brides!

"Social Networking"... what does that mean? Apparently, it means a lot in today's world and if you aren't doing it, you could be missing out! A GREAT way to learn all you need to know about this topic is to go to one of the best - Ashley, of Ashley's Bride Guide. That's who I went to a little over a month ago. I have to tell you our website traffic has went up 30% since we started social networking (just in a month!). It is WORTH IT for your business!

All of this "social networking" stuff has seemed very overwhelming to me and seemed like it would take too much of my all so valuable time... until I took that awesome course! :) Now I know how to OPTIMIZE my time and make my social networking work for me!

Ashley has single-handedly mastered the art of social networking to turn her business (which is simply a social network) into a huge success over the past couple years. She has always stayed one step ahead of everyone else... which can make her seem intimidating. That is, until she shares all her secrets with you! :) I HIGHLY recommend going to these 3 Sundays in August. IF you already have a blog and know enough to "get you by" like I did, then you may skip the intro course (suprisingly, I was advanced compared to some of the other attendees) but TRUST ME - there is a lot to be learned in this area! You can learn more about the August Bridal Blog Camp by clicking here.

If you are ready to learn, CLICK HERE to register for the August Bridal Blog Camp. Don't miss out - it's starting in just 2 Sundays!! Take it from me, Ashley will have you learning with laughter and leaving with confidence! And if you're a bride, don't miss out on your social networking, starting with Ashley's Bride Guide! TRUST ME - You will RELISH IT! ;)

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