Monday, October 12, 2009

Relish the BLING! (why you need invitation embellishments)

In these challenging economic times, we are all looking for shortcuts to fabulous. One of the best and most affordable ways to add the wow factor to your wedding invitations is by adding embellishments!

At, you can choose from 4 categories of embellishments and from there you have several choices within each category.

We have the very popular Ribbon embellishment which comes in 2 tying varieties and 36 beautiful colors (look for more many more colors to be added for our 2010 line!) Ribbons are the most expensive embellishment option we have, but if you are having a smaller wedding, it is still a great way to add a lot for little!

We have Punchouts which are very trendy, revealing your bottom paper layer and adding depth to your overall invitation.

We have simple imprints which are very transparent patterns printed in the background of the top layer of our invitations.

And we saved the best for last! Stones are the king of bling!

Relish offers 15 stone options (again, look for more in 2010!). Stones are a lot cheaper than ribbon and they add so much to the invitation. You can choose from classy sparkle to sassy fun. The great thing is you can call us to order more of your invitation stones so that you can embellish your whole wedding with them. Everything will match and it will all be fabulous!

So what's your bling style? Find it now at! And remember to enjoy the journey!

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