Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Friday We're In Love with... Sex & The City / Girl's Night Out!

Unless you are hiding under a rock, you have probably heard the buzz that the new Sex & the City movie came out yesterday. It has been labeled the "Women's Superbowl" and has been celebrated with several parties and events all over the country! Nashville had it's own fabulous party sponsored by Ashley's Bride Guide last night. Relish was excited to be part of the fabulous night of fun & fashion! (photos coming soon!)

But what is it that makes this group of women and films (/TV series) so celebrated by women everywhere? Even if you don't agree with their morals (Check the title), there is something that seems to unify all women, something that makes us relate to this group of women. I think the #1 reason is the BOND between these ladies. They represent friendships that have been through it all and stand the test of time! I know I LOVE the wonderful women in my life (just a few of my faves pictured here)

Reason #2? Well, let's just admit it - we all drool over the fashion!! I admit (as I have said many times before) that I am NO fashionista. However, when I watch this franchise, I too am swept away in the clothes, the hair, the bags, the... SHOES! :)

I didn't get to watch the movie last night because we were at the party, but I will be grabbing me some of my best girls and watching the "superbowl" this weekend! To ladies everywhere (whether you like the franchise or not) - be sure to always take time to celebrate being a woman with some great girl time! (my friends try to do at least one girls night a month!) It's important to keep those great relationships going no matter what stage you are in life!

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