Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday We're in Love with... Cake!

If invitations are the first thing that kicks off a wedding's theme, then cake is the last (yummy) piece! At Relish, we have been blessed to get to meet so many wonderful local bakers! And with shows like Cake Boss, it seems the whole world is getting to know what all is possible in the world of wedding cakes!

While we would love to blog about cakes from across the world. We only know how excellent the cakes in our own backyard look (in person) and taste. So for now, take a look at our three Nashville faves who, in our opinion are as good as you'll find anywhere. In fact, two of them have been featured on Martha Stewart!

Let's start with our long-time friend, Cakes by Shara. If Relish made wedding cakes, they would most likely look like Shara's. Her cake designs are fresh, bright and beautiful! And the taste? Yeah... we didn't know fondant could taste so GOOD!!!

Aren't these so "Relishy"? But, the REAL reason we adore Shara? She has THE BEST cupcakes ever! (one of which was a winner on Martha Stewart's national cupcake contest!)

Bring cupcakes into your wedding by having a wedding CUPcake!

Want something more elegant, more classic / traditional? Maples Wedding Cakes has the most spectacular designs! Some of their cakes are so beautiful, I would never have the heart to cut into them! The artist in me is envious of their A-MA-ZING attention to detail! Seriously, they are so beautiful that you need to see them in person. Just look at these...

Want something customized to match your linen pattern (or perhaps your Relish invitation)? Look at this...

One thing I love the most about Maples is their presentation. Just look at how this cake stand really makes the cake go from beautiful to amazing.

Want something that combines the two styles above? Something fun and yet very detailed? Check out the cakes at The Bake Shoppe! They are some of the most creative ladies! I love the bright cakes (including the blue & brown cakes we opened with above). 

Also, you HAVE to try their champagne wedding cake truffles. I had no idea that you could fit that kind of flavor into a bite-size, hard-shelled, piece of Heaven! I'm serious. If I could, I would order some every day!!!

Also, all 3 companies make great groom's cakes. Check out their sites for their amazing designs. I could have included a ton of them here (great ideas), but I wanted to leave you with just this one I found from The Bake Shoppe. St. Louis Cardinals fans represent! ;) 

Getting great cake combined with the best team in baseball - now, that's what I call having your cake and eating it too! ;) Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lindsey said...

beautiful and amazing cakes! Especially fond of the Cardinal groom cake! :)