Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Friday I'm in Love with YOU!

The title of Relish's Friday blog is a little different this week, as today is my 5-Year Wedding Anniversary and I want to take this opportunity to tell my husband how much I am in love with HIM! I don't use this blog to write about personal stuff, but since it is in deed wedding related, I am making an exception! :) Welcome to the "Story of us: The Reschs"

How we Met:

8 1/2 Years ago I thought I was destined to be single forever and after the guys I had dated, I had become okay with that! Then, I met a guy at work (props to Dell, though I only worked there a few months). To be honest about our meet and greet... While I first saw Dustin there, I actually met him for the first time at a bar in downtown Nashville. I was there trying to get over the last jerk. Dustin came across the room to me and introduced himself and kissed my hand. It was so sweet - I melted a bit (since I'd been checking him out at work). Then I lost him in the crowd. But, alas - he came back an hour later and... introduced himself and kissed my hand. Hmm... was he joking? Again, got lost in the crowd. But - 3rd times a charm, right? He did it once again. If you haven't figured it out - he had a few too many drinks. :) haha Charming became disappointing. But then... I saw him at work the next week and made my way over to his aisle. He struck up a conversation. We made plans to go out with a group of people from work. He picked me up that following Friday night for dinner before meeting our group. We sat at Applebees for hours (during NFL playoffs - the Patriots "tuck rule" game - in which Dustin barely looked at the TV!) and we never called the rest of the friends... We stood them up and just hung out for hours talking until the morning came. And we have been together ever since!

How we became Mr. & Mrs:

Dustin proposed... twice! :) (this time, the repeat wasn't his fault!) We had been dating almost 3 years. Dustin had lost his job at Dell and times were "challenging". That is why we were waiting on a wedding. Then, one night we were watching TV and I was laying with my feet on the back of the couch, upside down - being goofy. He started laughing at me and said "Will you marry me?" Well, Dustin & I had taken a "purity vow" and he would often joke that we should just get married. It would go something like this: (sexy look) "Wanna get married?" :) So, we are on the couch... He says "I love you. Will you marry me?" I wasn't looking at him and thought he was joking, so I said "I'll have to think about it". I then look over and see he has tears in his eyes, because it was a serious moment - not a joke. I tried to take it back, but the moment was gone (although I've still not lived it down!) So... 2 months later (12-7-04), I went to see him for lunch. I opened the door to his apt - there were rose petals on the floor, music playing. He was in the living room on one knee. I knew it was real then! It was so sweet!! He thought he had to get me an expensive ring, but he ended up giving me his grandmother's ring - which means more to me than any store ring ever could! (although I will rock a Vanna K diamond next to it one day!)

Our big day

We got married on July 9, 2005. It was hot outside. Apparently. I really don't remember the heat. I remember feeling like I was floating all day long. :) I had worked so hard up until that day. I had my freak out / bridezilla moment the night before and was completely at peace. I was surrounded by my best friends, my amazing family and the love of my life. Looking back, I understand why the big day is SO big... You have your past, your present and your future all before you. It's an amazing moment in time and one that can't be explained until you are in it. And for me, it came right as my life was transitioning in many ways, so it truly was a pivotal moment in my life.

As for the event itself, I had a small budget so did most everything myself. The 3 highlight vendors to mention: Location: Traveller's Rest Plantation / Photographer: Laurie Carpenter Photography / Catering: Famous Dave's.  I would HIGHLY recommend these vendors still today! And of course, the first ever Relish invitations! ;)

My favorite things from that day were... my bridesmaid lunch beforehand; the guys walking into the Star Wars Theme; walking with my dad down the aisle; our first kiss; how he picked me up and twirled me as we entered the reception!

OH! And I LOVED our honeymoon in Hawaii! (we asked for money for the honeymoon and we got it paid for!) We will go back to the Big Island someday! 

Our Life:

That pivotal moment in time was when we were learning how to truly have a relationship that centered around God. Since then, we have continued to grow in leaps and bounds. The first five years have been very challenging when it comes to careers and finances. However, it has only made us closer and stronger. We know the excitement in doing the small things, including going to CiCi's for lunch during a weekday. Our favorite thing in life is free anyway - snuggling. :) We love our dog (and the cats usually); we love our church; we love our family and friends. But most of all, we really do love each other. While the day was special and I see how beautiful it was - LIFE has been full of special! So don't forget to build a foundation that will get you past the wedding and into the good times! :)

Dustin, thank you for being my partner in this life, for being my balance in many situations. Thank you for kissing my hand 3 times, for proposing twice and for committing to me once and for always. I love you! (pajwii)


Mom2FourLittleEs said...

Awwww,,,,this is the sweetest blog post ever!

BTW - does Relish do Adoption Announcements? :o)

Relish (aka said...

Officially... not yet. But, we are always willing to do something custom for such a good cause! :)

Lindsey said...

Loved reading your story! Even though I already knew it! :) love you guys!