Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's Happenin' Wednesday: Variety - the Spice of Life!

The past few months, Relish has had a few very exquisite orders come in. The papers are rich in color and design, but still very flavorful and unique (which is the trademark of Relish invitations!). What amazes our team the most is how truly creative our clients are. We love that each bride and groom can create their own unique, custom wedding invitations that reflect their individual personality and we LOVE what they come up with!

To the right is an invitation for a wedding celebration (they eloped). The background is Red "Geisha", with a "Cherry" top layer. I would have never thought to put red on red, but look how delectably beautiful it turned out! I also love the custom wedding verbiage they created - such personality! They told us how happy they were to find Relish, because they wanted wedding stationery that reflected their lives, their personality, and I think they did a great job in their invitation design! This invitation is so chic!

Another lush wedding invitation design that came in uses one of my personal favorite Relish patterns: "Kona" (found under the Browns). It is named off my favorite coffee and you can probably see why. :) I love the font choices and the beautiful pearl embellishment. This invitation says classy and luxurious!

Want to do something more fun?! That's why Relish was created! You can be chic, elegant or bold & fun with your custom wedding invitation designs! Look at these sample orders we sent out in the mail just this week. The bride chose 3 different options, all keeping with her color theme. She used "Iron" as the top layer on two of them, which is a rarely requested top layer. I love the way she designed them using it! To make the verses stand out better, Relish is offering Thermography for no additional cost (beautiful raised printing) on darker top layers. Just call us for a special request!

Speaking of Thermography... stay tuned. If you think you get a lot of options now, in the next few months, Relish is going to open the door to new printing options, new designs and a plethora more opportunities for you get exactly what you are looking for in your own custom colorful invitations! In the meantime, we still have a ton of options (over 1 billion!) so check out our iBuilder software to design your custom invites!

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mvilmerding said...

What exciting invitation options for Brides in Nashville and beyond!