Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday We're in Love with... FLIPBOOKs!!!

As a wedding vendor, we get to partake in some awesome networking parties. We get to meet great people, see new inspiring trends and sometimes experience some of the coolest new "fun"! That was the case back in December when we came across the hottest new craze: Flipbooks!

Remember when you were young and experiencing the small cartoon books that when you flip the pages quickly - the cartoon moves? Someone was creative enough to invent this for a photo booth setting! Photo booths are amazing fun and have been the trend the past few years, but this one-ups the booths in that you leave with your own animated flip book!

First, you get to pick out your groovy costume...

Then, they record video of you and your friends for 6 seconds ("do large movements" they kept saying). Then they convert the video instantly into still frames which are printed on the spot by a specialty printer which cuts and binds the little book so that you can leave with your creation within minutes!

Check out the finished product featuring Stephanie & Rebecca of Relish! (Shaky video because I recorded it as I flipped it - not easy to do! But you will get the general idea)

If you live in the Nashville area (and surrounding regions), contact Main Event Productions at 615-321-2394 or visit the Fantastic Flipbooks website today!

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