Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday We're in Love with...being starstruck!

Let me just begin by saying that I am from a very small mid-western town. The biggest star I ever saw was the Dukes of Hazzard CAR (oh, how I DO love the General Lee...)

But I had never seen a REAL star until I moved here. My first year here, I waited tables in Franklin and waited on Michael W Smith, Brooks & Dunn, Jodee Messina, just to name a few. So - I began to understand I was in a different place now! But none of them compares to what happened to us (Relish) last year...

Growing up in my small town, living with "older" parents - I grew up on country. I'm not talking Garth Brooks' modernized country - I'm talking CLASSIC country (although I sung "Friends in Low Places" at so many parties between age 17-23, I can sing every word to you right now. But that would be to the penalty of your ears!) Anyway... back to the story at hand. One of my favorite stars to listen to as a child, one of my mother's favorite stars to sing a long to... was Loretta Lynn. I mean - she is one of the biggest country stars of all time. And NO ONE has a voice like her's! I absolutely love her!

Last Summer, I was watching TV and her movie "Coal Miner's Daughter" (with Sissy Spaceck) came on. I of course had to watch it again for the 10th time. I love that movie and that night - it really meant a lot to me. I was daydreaming of my own "small beginnings" and where God was going to take me as well as our "baby" company Relish. Two days later, I came back to the office after lunch to hear a voicemail that said "This is Nita Baggott with Nashville Event Planning and I'd like to talk with you about doing invitations for Loretta Lynn..." I nearly fainted. Then I decided it was too crazy to be true! I called her back and so a dream began...

First of all, I must say that Nita is now one of my favorite wedding vendors to work with! She is so amazing, so professional but SO down to earth! She makes you feel so at ease! I love wedding planners who make you feel at ease. Actually, they amaze me how calm they are! I got to go to Loretta's studio downtown. I felt so important! :) Everyone was so nice and so pleased with what we created!

The stationery was for Loretta's 50th Years in Country Music celebration! How honored was I to be part of this amazing event?! Seriously?! I GET to do this?! AND I get PAID for it???!!! REALLY?! It was our biggest order to date, both monetary and emotionally! And all the OTHER cool celebrities (quite an amazing guest list) that RECEIVED our invites and saw our work at the event... wow...

MANY thanks to Nita and Nashville Event Planing for their amazing style, class and communication skills! Any bride OR special event would be SO lucky to have Nita and her amazing team (LOVE Miranda & Wendy too!!!) plan their event! Words cannot express my appreciation to them & Loretta & her team for working with us! It truly opened doors and took us to the next level! And at the same time, made this little smalltown girl's dreams come true! You could say... I "Relished" it! ;)

Thanks for joining us in our look back over the past 3 years! Can't wait to see what we have to share at our 5 year mark!

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Sally Matsukawa said...

I can understand about being star struck. I am from Los Angeles and I didn't really start seeing famous people until I moved to Nashville! Not only seeing them but also working with them is a good feeling you are going in the right direction!

Well done to you :)