Monday, January 5, 2009

Weddings, The Bridal Show!

Thanks to everyone who came and visited our booth this past Saturday at Weddings, the Bridal Show, here in Nashville, Tennessee. We had such a great time meeting all of you and watching so many cool, trendy brides invent so many different mini-invitations! We were told we by many that we had the most successful booth at the event and we owe that to you!

We had a "wrap party" that night where we discussed some of the most asked questions and requests. I'm going to address some of those questions/comments here:

Q) I want to place an order with you this week to get my 20% off, but I don't have all the information together for the invitation yet - can you extend my offer?
A) We can't really "extend the offer", but we understand this predictament and figured out a solution. You can place your order this week by entering the number of invites, the design you want, etc. We will charge your card but we will not process your order until you come back to us. To be sure we are clear on who wants to hold the order, etc - it will require an email to us at with "Hold my Order" in the subject line. Then put "HOLD MY ORDER" in the lines of text that you don't know yet (Location, Date, etc). We will then issue you another coupon code to use in that amount so that you may come back at your convenience and place your order with the correct info.

Q) Do you offer Save-the-Date magnets?
A) This has been something we've been thinking about doing but with all the other stuff -we just hadn't gotten around to it yet. BUT since this was probably the most requested item, our designers are in the process at this moment converting some of our normal save-the-date designs into 4" x 6" magnets. We already have the costs lined up and should have this uploaded tomorrow (Wednesday) just for you!

Q) We really like Sage Green and we see patterns we like in that color, but are having a hard time finding tops to match as well as a stone that matches.
A) I hate to say we overlooked something, but to be honest: with all the color options we have as well as all the iBuilder options - Yes, it got overlooked. We are at the moment fixing that as well. There will be new Sage Tops & Stones uploaded tomorrow (Wednesday) as well.

Q) Can I place my stone anywhere I want - instead of just on between the names or at the bottom?
A) As adorable as the stones looked in many different places on the mini-invitations (weren't they all adorable?!) - we tried this out full-size and it's just not as fitting. There are a few other issues that go along with this: 1-If you stick the stone on the corner of the top paper, when it is full-size, the stone tends to pop off because it is not laying flat. 2-Our iBuilder software: there are tons of moving parts to this software - our developers are awesome and this may be something he could do at a later time, but we have been told it would take a long time to develop in a way that would be good enough for us to launch (we try to make the experience as realistic as possible!) and he is already busy working on other exciting Relish stuff (stay posted and read below!). 3-Assembly: This would require a different assembly system than what we have now and to put it simply - it would present a challenge.
SO - what is another option? We are kicking around the option of allowing you to put the stones on yourself when you receive your order. This is a decision we have to run by several people to get it approved, so stay tuned... If this is something you would like to hear on before placing your order and we haven't made an update, give us a call directly to discuss.

Q) Do you have a store I can come by?
A) Unfortunately, we do not. A store would not give you the same freedom and ability to do what you get to do in our software! Plus we are able to keep our costs down due to being an online store, so it all works out best for serving you.

Q) What is the difference between the iBuilder papers and the category in your store called "iBuilder swatches"?
A) The category in our store that says it is currently being updated called "iBuilder swatches" is a place to order more of our swatches, which everyone at the bridal show saw the other day. They are the same papers we offer in the iBuilder. It is just there for people to order samples so they can see the paper in person since we do not have a storefront.

Q) Are you national and will you be at other bridal shows?
A) Yes, we are a national company. We are currently in the process of deciding the locations for our next shows around the US. For those in Nashville - we will not be at another show until the August, Weddings Bridal Show.

Q) Can I be a sales rep for Relish?
A) YES! We have a program in place to work with people who want to get Relish products out there to brides: it's our RAP program. You can visit our Contact page on our website to find out more about it - or give us a call directly.

Q) Will Relish be offering more wedding products soon?
A) YES - we will be offering the highly requested Photo iBuilder, which will work like our current iBuilder, but with... you guessed it - your photos! :) That is in the development stages at this time and we are hoping for it to be launched this Summer. We are also adding to our current a-la-carte items: Save-the-Dates, Bridal Shower Invitations, Bachelorette and Engagement party invites, Wedding Programs, etc.

Q) Will Relish be offering these great products for occassions other than weddings so I can order Relish stuff (since I'm already married!)
A) YES - we are also in the planning stages for a MUCH requested Baby & Party Line. As you can see, there are a lot of things in the works, so we cannot put a timeline for the Baby & Party line - although we have hopes that it will be by the end of 2009. IN THE MEANTIME - if you see something you like and want to change the verbiage for another type of event - CALL US - we will make it happen for you and we will even send you a free PDF proof to seal the deal!

And the most important question...
The drawing is random and was done today by one of our male staff (since they missed out on the show), Dustin. And the answer is....(drum role)......

1) The Third Place Winner for the Date Night Package is Kayla Jones! She just won an Olive Garden Gift Card & 4 Movie Passes!

2) The Second Place Winner for the $100 Relish Gift Card is Melinda Haines!

3) The Grand Prize Winner for the $500 Invitation Package is Katie Husband! (what a great last name Katie!)

CONGRATS to all our winners! For another chance to win free invitations, sign-up for our YouTube Contest giveaway! (go to our homepage for details)

PHOTOS from the show have been posted! We took several of girls with their mini-invites. Go check them out here:

Lastly, if you have any other questions or concerns now that you've had a chance to reflect on the show and look around on our website, we would love to hear from you! We have set up a special email for questions from the bridal show crowd. If you have a question, issue or suggestion that could help us take another step forward with Relish, you will be entered to win another date night package! (winners will be drawn at the end of January) Send your comments to

Thanks again for making the show a success for us! Check back in the next few days to see more updates to our site!

And again, Congrats on your engagement!!

Stephanie R.

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