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Unique Weddings for 2009

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You’ve dreamed about your wedding day perhaps for your whole life. I was personally not that way, but as soon as I said yes, the dreaming began! I have always had a creative spirit and my wedding was my chance to show who I was (and yes, who my husband was) in each and every detail of the day. As with many wedding professionals, it was after my own wedding that I begin to think of entering the wedding industry. I think that comes from being a bride who has trouble finding those things which represent her for her big day, those things which will express the tone of their wedding the way they want.

Invitations were a big part of how I set the tone of my own wedding. I have been a graphic designer for years so it seemed like an easy place to start. I began to envision the whole day and what would suit us as a couple. I decided I wanted a cute picnic themed reception. I wanted sheer green ribbon in lots of places, so it made sense to put it on my invitations, since that would be the first look our guests got of our special day. I must admit that at that time, even I had trouble thinking too far outside the box with my invitations. I had worked in printing for years and had used “The Books” to help brides get ideas for invitations. I hated that my ideas didn’t fit nice and neat into “the book” way of thinking.

Now, a short 4 years later, I am the CEO and one of the designers for Relish ( It may sound strange for me to say this about my own company, but I truly wish I’d had Relish when I got married! With Relish, my partners and I have tried to really come out of “the book box” with our paper designs. We have created many designs for different types of brides. If you want something more formal (like what most books have), you can get that with Relish, only you can still customize it to you. If you want something more crazy - you can do that as well! The most important thing about customizing your own invitations is that they are unique to you and your special day! Do not limit yourself in any aspect of your day. Dream in color, think BIG… and then you know - try to put it all into your “budget”.

Here are a couple photos from my own reception. To the right is a photo of an invitation I designed on and you can see how well it would have tied in to our wedding theme. (*NOTE: You can also have Relish adjust the colors of their patterns to custom match your exact color scheme)

So, it may be too late for me to send those out now, but below are some great photos of this season’s color trends which are used in the dresses, the flowers, the cake, and then of course the invitations! You could continue the colors and theme into the rest of your wedding stationary, your reception linens and all the other little details!

Black & White is always in style and very classy. Also, you can pair it with any color to get a unique look!

Bright Yellow is such a fresh color to see everywhere this year! Paired with Bright Whites and Garden Greens, it is beautiful, especially for Spring & Summer!

Fuschia / Hot Pink is very in this year. It’s great paired with Dark Purple, Wines & Black as well - it’s so much fun and creates a very unique look and feel to your day!

Aqua is another one of the fun, bright colors we are excited to see a lot of this year! You can go with a Dark Turquoise-Aqua (seen above) or a lighter, Sea-Green Aqua (also used in this invitation). You can pair it with Fuchsia, Lime Green (as seen below) or Dark Purple.

Lime Green is so bright and fresh, especially for Spring & Summer! Pair it with Hot Pink, Garden Green, Yellow or Aqua (as seen in previous photo).

Bright “Tangerine” Orange is another fresh color for this year! It works great in the Summer and into the Fall. Pair it with bright Whites, Peach (for Spring), Fuchsia, and nearly any shade of Green.

As you can see, the possibilities for a unique wedding in 2009 are endless! And it can all start with your unique invitations!


Dresses provided by Cherished Memories Bridal
Flowers provided by Fresh by Carryann
Cakes provided by Cakes by Shara
Promotional Photography provided by Jessica Rai Photography
Personal wedding photos by Laurie Carpenter Photography

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