Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's fun to stay at the....

I would rather...
-Have damaged tooth nerve tissue removed via root canal…and perform the procedure myself.

-Look into the eyes of a Metro police officer as he writes me a ticket for expired tags…then find out my license is suspended.
-Open the refrigerator after leaving take-out leftovers in it for 35 days.

-Jump off the top of the Sears Tower…arms spread wide…no parachute…breaking every bone in my body upon impact.


So believe me when I say that I understand this is hardly the most exciting stress reducer of the bunch. MD back again for the 3rd installment of Relish’s Wedding Stress Management Series!
As much as we love to hate the concept of exercise, it truly is one of the most effective habits to reduce stress and increase self-confidence.

According to Mayoclinic.com, “…virtually any form of exercise can decrease the production of stress hormones and counteract your body’s natural stress response!”

It increases production of endorphins! You know those happy feelings you feel flooding over you when you’re out shopping and you find the most perfect pair of yellow ballet flats? That’s an endorphin producing activity! The difference between shopping and exercise, however, is that exercise is FREE and won’t leave you stressing over that pesky credit card bill!

It helps in the form of meditation in movement. Huh? Concentrating on your body’s repetitive physical movement will help you forget to think about what you’re wishing you weren’t thinking about! Simple answer: It physically forces you to concentrate on something OTHER than your wedding planning problems.
Exercise perks up your mood. And all the grooms rejoice! Mayoclinic.com concludes that “regular exercise increases self confidence and lowers symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety.”

So all-in-all, exercise ain’t half bad! Besides, how cute would you look walking around your neighborhood wearing a little “Bride-To-Be” hoodie? Think about it…

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