Friday, April 17, 2009

Orange Beach

Hello from the shores of Alabama! Rebecca, here... reporting from a balcony 15 stories high with a magnificent view! Today the water does not look like this, due to incredibly strong winds, but if it wasn't windy it would look just like the pictures above.

After an exhausting 8-hour car ride yesterday, we made it to the condo and settled in. I went to bed early (before 1am, take a picture!) and woke up to the sound of waves crashing below. I'm not so concerned that the ocean is unswimmable right now. I am just enjoying the sights and sounds that are so familiar-- but for the past 6 years-- not familiar enough.

Having grown up just a hop, skip and jump from the sand and sea of Aptos, CA,
the ocean is something that doesn't imply vacation as much as it implies home to me. So for the next week, I'll be missing Relish-- and soaking in the sun and waves... welcome home to me! :)

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Alysha said...

Oh I LOVE Orange Beach!! My family went there on spring break for like 8 years in a row when I was in school!!