Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's going to be okay. Seriously. It really is.

Good morning, Relish friends! I (Rebecca) would like to introduce our very first Guest Blogger, MD Laidlaw! MD is a not only a talented writer, but a dear friend. She and her hubby got married in September of '07 and had a truly exquistite wedding. I'm so excited and honored that MD has prepared a series of incredibly helpful blogs to help relieve stress on your way to the altar! So without further ado...[thunderous applause] Take it away, MD!

Bouncing curls, caramel tinted twists, and chocolate swoops. Wait a minute…is this a candy store advertisement or the invitation sensation destination?
When you think of weddings, what’s the first picture that comes to mind? If you’re me (MD here!), then it’s all about the hair color and style, baby! Should my chocolate colored tresses be worn down and in waves or up in an elegant french twist? Should I cut it two days before the wedding or two weeks? What’s my husband-to-be going to think if I change the color?

...Will the style clash with my gown? Are the rings sized yet? Is my make-up going to be too heavy? Too light? Do I have my songs picked out? Who’s going to wipe the sweat off my hands before I grasp my beautiful bouquet…Oh. No. THE FLOWERS! AHHHH!

Stressed yet?
If you’re just beginning, in the middle or nearing the end of planning that perfect day, then it’s possible you’re feeling the pressure of the details... Today, I’m here to take a little weight off your shoulders and tell you a wedding secret that was passed down to me on my big day:
You don’t have to be stressed!

There are a few essential things to remember before you become anxious about the day which jump-starts your new “Mrs.” life:
1) You’ll really want to Enjoy this Journey…not dread the day.
2) You don’t want stress acne or worry wrinkles…trust me!
3) The curtain doesn’t lift until YOU step on stage…so who cares whether or not you start the ceremony before Aunt Edna falls asleep, head-first, into her Relish printed program? What others think about your choice of colors, songs, or timing isn’t nearly as crucial as you saying “I do.”
4) This day simply signifies what’s truly important: The MARRIAGE.

We all want a beautiful day to remember, so don’t let the small details distract you from what should be one of the best memories in your lifetime.

How do you remain stress free, you ask? Well come on back next Wednesday for our weekly series on how to ensure you have a worry free, bliss filled, day to remember! We’re about to break it down Relish style, so you know this will be colorful!
Photos Courtesy of Joanna Tano


Amber Noel said...



Love the pictures of Md and Eric! Sweet couple! Enjoying the journey! Loved reading up on the current events on the BIG Day for brides! As my daughter would say, TAKE A MOMENT... when all around you is swirling, stop sit down and TAKE A MOMENT... enjoy where you are on the way to where your going:)