Monday, July 13, 2009

Get Relish - not your normal wedding invitations!

In the wedding industry, we have noticed that people always ask "What makes you different than XYZ Company?" With Relish, this is an easy question for us to answer, but it's a multi-part answer...

1) What makes Relish different than other Nashville wedding invitation companies?

Relish is a national online-only company. We are the only national invitation company currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. The good news for our local brides is that you can see us in local shops and some bridal shows and meet with us in person at times when the rest of the nation cannot. You can get sneak previews into some of our upcoming releases that the rest of the nation may not get to see. Because we are national, we are plugged in to trends all across the country and can get you fresh perspectives on a regular basis. Also - just as we our different from most national invitation companies with how our products work, we are different from all those in Nashville as well. The only downside shares our upside - we are an online company and do not have a storefront for you to come in and meet with us and get that one-on-one experience.

Customized invitations for a more much more affordable price!
Because we are an online-only business, we are able to keep our costs down that are often incurred by either owning a store or by having reps who go to meet clients individually. We are able to give you a custom experience without the custom price tag. With our experience in printing, we are able to pass on the best printing prices to you and keep the costs lower!

Again, with our lengthy experience in the printing world, we are able to find the best printing methods and are constantly checking to make sure we are offering you both the best price but also for the best quality out there. We currently print all our invitations on 16pt matte stock - which is the best in the industry. We print our invitations on true offset printing presses. That means that they are printed in the best method possible to insure color & print consistency. Most companies use "digital printing presses" which are very elaborate copy machines. We admit that in the beginning we chose that route but as we were able to work out better deals with printing companies, we were able to switch in order to give our customers the BEST in printing and in our paper stock! You will love the look and feel of our invitations!


Have you noticed that Relish LOVES color?! If you want something more traditional or simple, we have made sure to include those options as well. However, our passion is COLOR! We love it and love all the unique creations you can get by combining colors. We were tired of the "books" with all the standard invitation orders... we wanted it to be another area of expression for your special day.

Our staff is comprised of people with years of graphics and printing experience. We also have some of the best computer programmers in the country on staff. We have some of the most talented artists working to create new, original products for our customers all the time! We strive to have both unique products (we own the rights to all our designs) and the best, user-friendly software (our developers are constantly working on improvements). We are a growing company and therefore continue to seek out new ideas and feedback and then make improvements based on those assessments.


This is truly what people notice about Relish - the experience! Our customers get to come on to our website at their convenience, at any time of day and work on their custom-designed invitation package. You get to be the real designer with Relish. There are a couple companies that offer the "you design it experience". We take it a step further. With all of color options (especially with our new custom color matching!); our layering options; our embellishment options; topped off with our envelope & seal selections - you are guaranteed a completely custom invitation package (no 2 have ever been the same!). You are also able to see the invitation in real time as you build it! If you change your mind, you can always start over with a simple click of the button! We have customers (including many prospective grooms) tell us they are on our site for hours playing and daydreaming. We are so happy to hear that, because that was our vision - to offer you a playground for this part of your wedding planning, a place where you can be the designer!

As we mentioned, we are a growing company. It has been a long process to create this database of options for you to work with. Now that we have the basis, we are constantly working on new designs for the iBuilder as well as new unique "exclusive lines" of invitations. Our desire is to keep growing and expanding our options for our customers... forever!

Here are some things you will see from Relish for more custom options in the next year: Thermography / Letterpress options; Foil; and a Photo invitation iBuilder! So keep checking back to see why we are very different from the other invitation companies and why you should GET RELISH!

[Example of Photo iBuilder invite]

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