Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Save the Dates - I DO!

Many questions surround save-the-dates which just became a very popular addition to wedding stationery in the past few years.

Q: Do I need to send save-the-dates?
The original purpose of these cards were for alerting out-of-town guests of your wedding date in as far advance as possible so that they could make travel arrangements. They can go out as soon as you get engaged and with the invitation timeline not happening until a couple months before the wedding, these cards gave those specific guests more time to plan. However, the cards have become a trendy way to announce the fact that you are engaged. If you have it in your budget to send out save-the-dates and are excited to announce your engagement, this is a great addition to your stationery package! If you have a limited budget, send them out to only those out-of-town guests for planning purposes. ** If you are doing a very short engagement (3 months or less) do not send them out in addition to the invitations - because of the timeline, it wouldn't make sense.

Q: When should I send them out?
As soon as you can after your engagement! As we just mentioned above, don't send them if you are having a short engagement. They need to go out AT LEAST 2 months before the invitions if not more than that.

Q: What are my options?
At Relish, we have many options for your save-the-dates! Below are just a small sampling of our options...

Some details:---------------------------------------------------------------




Design-your-own (Relish-style!):--------------------------------------------
Here are just a few samples of how you can design your own and how one style can look many different ways (as with all our iBuilder products!) The images also describe how they are completely customizable using our iBuilder software!

Be sure to check out our entire save-the-date selection and view our website for all your stationery needs at

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