Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BeCome a Long With Me: Wedding Ring Wednesday

Since it's Wednesday, so I thought I'd go with a W topic-wedding rings. Everyone has their own style and taste, whether is be diamond band or a classic band, white gold or yellow gold, one band or 2. Dean and I went ring shopping this past Sunday and I never thought it would be so hard to pick "the" one. Honestly, I thought that I would be the one with making the decision, but it was actually Dean who had the toughest time!

We went to the outlet mall, which has a Zales Outlet and a Ultra Diamond outlet. I pictured him in a titanium ring; fairly plain with few details, like the one shown below. Low and behold was I wrong! He picked out a diamond ring, similar to the one below from Elegant Diamonds.

So what kinda of ring did I decide on? I will tell you this: I didn't think I would have a tough time, considering a soliatire goes with anything, but turns out I needed a curved band for the 2 to match up, due to my specific solitaire setting. One interesting ring I was introduced to was the solitaire enhancer rings, like shown below.
This ring allows you to have 2 bands with your engagement ring in the middle and since the 2 bands are connected in the back, they act as one ring. This means no sliding on all 3 rings. I think this is a fabulous idea. Did I choose this or a single band? I still haven't decided whether or not to reveal it to the public just yet! I won't disclose prices, but I will say that we save money by going to an outlet store!

Now on with my DIY project of the week. Do to budgetary reasons, I'm trying to keep fresh flowers to a minimum. The church that I'm getting married at doesn't permit throwing flowers down the what option did I choose?

A FLOWER POMANDER! I think they are adorable, and they are super easy to make. I chose to do a hydrangea one, since that's the flower I'm using for the wedding. I got my supplies at Michael and Wal-mart. It took 2 bunches of fake hydrangeas from Michael (they are 6.99 each, but they were running a 50% off sale,) one pack of pearl pins from Wal-mart for $2.43, a styrofoam ball from Walmart for $2.49, and some leftover ribbon for the handle.

How to make it is pretty simple: I picked each hydrangea flower off the stem and pinned it to the ball with a pearl pin. This takes some time, since you don't want any of the ball showing. For the handle, I took a pen and used it to shove the ribbon in the top of the ball and used 2 hydrangeas plus pins to secure it in place. And here is the final product:
It's a pretty simple project if you have the patience, and I think it turns out great! Check back in next week to see what I've done as the wedding countdown is on...t-minus 111 days!

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