Monday, June 7, 2010

Black & White Served up Right!

One thing you will know about Relish is that we LOVE color! In fact, the idea of fresh beautiful colors being used throughout weddings is one of the main reasons we started this business. We talk about the color wheel, the appropriate use of accent colors, the different color hues - we even dream in color! However, there are times when we see the "traditional" color themes done in such beautiful ways that we have to come off our color horse to appreciate the beauty. Today, we give honor to beautiful ways that we've seen Black & White done right.

One of the main reasons women everywhere are falling in love with this tradition again is because of the new twists added to it. Now there are whispers of color added (like the yellow in the cake flowers above) and there are bold patterns mixed with classic looks (try stripes against a pattern). Add in the use of textures and you get endless beautiful ideas for your own unique take on the classic. [See our Relish inspiration board below for great ideas.]

Start with a beautiful invitation at Relish! You can make it as fancy or as fun as you like. And you can bring in touches of your accent color!

Then bring in your personality to everything. Whether you are going for something funky or classic, your bridesmaid dress designs will be endless! Check out these gorgeous Summer options from Anthropologie.

Keep bringing in your personality, whether it's through new and trendy styles like this floral arrangement below from Rikka Floral...

or something funky like this amazing custom designed wedding cake from Nashville's own Cakes by Shara.

Or go classic and "tasteful" with this cake from Maples Wedding Cakes.

Dress up your table with your accent color as the linen with everything else done in trendy black and white patterns. BONUS: Choose a fantastic fabric for your linens and get that extra texture layering we were talking about!

And last, but not least - don't forget wedding favors like these from

In the end, we have found that today you can customize black and white to fit your individual personality. And that is the #1 most important thing to us at Relish. Happy planning!!!

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