Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday We're in Love with... Flowers!

Flowers more than anything seem to dictate the change of seasons. It can also dictate the tone of your special wedding day.

So what are the 2010 wedding flower trends? Well, most wedding bouquets will continue to be hand-tied, where the flowers are gathered together and the stems are wrapped in wide ribbon. Brides wanting more glamorous bouquets choose beads, jewels, pins, etc to dress up plain ribbon-wrapped stems and blooms. But the main trend of 2010 seems to be SIMPLY COLOR. By that we mean two things. First, many brides are opting for more simple arrangements that have some splash of their theme inside the bouquet (ex: branch twine below) Second, in those simple arrangements, they are choosing bold colors (which we at Relish LOVE) - colors like bright Orange with Fuchsia. We've even seen Blue bouquets (done well)! Even in the more elegant traditional arrangements of roses, we are pleased to see the colors have blossomed into more bold pinks, purples and greens! 

Check out The Knot for lots of great 2010 wedding flower ideas!

If you are getting married in Nashville, we recommend these great floral designers (our personal faves): Fresh by Carryann & Brocade Designs

If you're looking to save some money and do some (or all - if you are brave) flowers yourself, we highly recommend I actually used them for my own wedding!

How else can you incorporate flowers into your big day?

Hair Accessories! The idea of a flower in my hair seemed strange on my wedding day just 5 short years ago. Now it is a beautiful trend!

You may choose to go with real flowers or silk or even something made of fabric to simply resemble flowers, like below.

If you are interested in the fabric florals and are in the Nashville area, check out this company Stellar Made on Facebook to see some of their wonderfully beautiful fabric flower creations. You may even talk to them about doing something custom for your day!

While traditional flowers are still in, we are liking these new floral trends! In fact, this Friday you might say we are in love with them! Have a great weekend everyone! And remember to stop and smell the roses... unless they are satin. ;)

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