Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CONTEST QUESTION!!! First to respond correctly WINS!!!

If you tuned in to Relish's segment on Better Nashville today, you have the opportunity to win FREE I Love Nashville stationery!! Just post the correct answer ON THE BLOG (If you are on Facebook, please click on the link to take you directly to the blog to leave a comment). We'll contact the winner directly and post the winner later on.

THE QUESTION IS: What color of dress was host Kacy Haggerty (the blonde hostess) wearing on today's show?

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Nick said...

She was wearing a purple dress with a black band going across her mid section. She had crinkles patterns along her shoulder and was wearing a black undershirt with some type of key shaped necklace. If you want to know what Mindy was wearing the first time I met her, I can tell you that as well. :)