Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We all know the phrase "It's the calm before the storm." That's how I've felt this whole wedding process has been so far. It's all been the gentle calm and then my storm hit. The storm was, out of all things, the rehearsal dinner venue. I didn't think it would give me such a headache, but it did! There are 2 factors that contributed to the storm: trying to feed 80 people on $30 a head. Below is a mock-up of the rehearsal dinner invitation.

Considering that a rehearsal dinner for 80 people might as well be a small reception, it was difficult for me to find a place that would hold that many people with the budget that I have for it. The places that I found were either too small, booked, or cost too much. There were 2 places that fit the criteria: Sunset Grill on Belcourt Avenue and Nero's Grill on Hillsboro Drive, both with 2 different ambiances. I decided to go with Nero's Grill. They allow us to get more bang for my buck...and that's the goal for this wedding!

My next dilemna is my wedding hair. I am very fortunate to have a hair stylist as a bridesmaid and is willing to do my hair for that day. Considering I have the thickest hair on the planet, I have started looking at styles that might suit me.

My dress is all lace in the back, so I've decided that an updo is the way to go. You would think that finding an updo would be simple...NOT! Below are some ideas that I found while perusing Google.

Due to my rehearsal dinner headache, it left me no time for any DIY projects, but I do have a great deal! It is from mbaengraving on Ebay. They are personalized toasting flutes. They are sandblasted and absolutely adorable. They were $29.95 with $10.00 shipping.

Considering the wedding is in 101 days...I need to seriously get to work on all of my DIY projects. Looks like some late nights, equipped with painted arms, glued fingers and wedding movies :)

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