Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a Party!!!

One of the best things about being engaged are all the celebratory parties friends and family want to bestow upon you. From engagement parties to the bachelor / bachelorette parties and all the showers in between... it's a time to be the guest of honor and to have FUN!

First stop on the party circuit: The Engagement party! Usually family members or close friends choose to get some of the couple's closest friends & family together for a casual dinner (either out or at someone's home) to simply love on the newly engaged couple. It usually happens shortly after the engagement and it us usually an intimate party, small in size. Relish is proud to reveal some of our new engagement party invitations!

And my personal fave... By talented designer Paula Kennedy (check our her blog on Wednesdays)

All these invitations have a few different color schemes, so head on over to Relish's Engagement Party invitations to find the one that's right for you.

After the party comes the months of engagement and planning. Be sure to enjoy EVERY step of the way as this is truly one of the best times of your life. There will be showers along the way and at the end another set of parties - the Bachelor / Bachelorette parties!!!

The theme of these parties depend heavily on who is getting married. Whether you are more conservative or a party girl / boy - I think it's important to have a great "last night" (it doesn't have to be the last or at night!) with the girls/ boys. The reason I think it's important is because there is a LOT involved in planning a wedding and many times we are drained / stressed by the time the big day comes around. Having a night of fun is a great stress reducer and it can help you take time to appreciate this moment in your life. My ONLY regret from my engagement is that I didn't take time to have a night (or day) out with my girls.
Some ideas for bachelorette parties are...

  • The traditional night out (the details are up to you)

  • Game night: Go bowling, putt-putt, etc. Go to Dave & Buster's to make it easy. The key is to keep score all night to see who scores the most.

  • Spa Day / Night: I've done this - so wonderful!

  • Get schooled: Take a group class together. Try a pottery class, a dance class, cooking class, etc.

  • Hollywood: Everyone gets dressed up. Hire a photographer / videographer and star in your own music video, mini-movie, etc.
Whatever you do, make the bride feel very special and very loved! Here are some of Relish's fun and flirty bachelorette party invitations:

And our very popular, best seller: The Future Mrs. (which comes in several color schemes) and features the bride's name on the shirt.

Whether you are planning a party or you are the guest of honor, come over to Relish to check out our full line of wedding celebration invitations! And brides, soak up this time in your life and remember to take time out with your wonderful fiance and enjoy these times with your family and friends. In other words, RELISH these moments and enjoy the journey!

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