Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day! God bless the USA!

Today, we just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU!

Thank you... to our fabulous men & women who serve our country.
Thank you for making it where I can lay my head down and sleep in peace each night! Thank you for doing what you do even when it isn't easy OR popular. Thank you for sacrificing your home, your comfortable bed, your beautiful family and the cozy life for our country! I come from a family of air force vets (specifically my dad Gene T Peek & my awesome brother Stan Peek!) and I am so proud of them! I am proud of my friend Tim who had to leave his new bride after only a few months of marriage. I am proud of all of you and pray for you regularly!!

Thank you... to all those who lead our country.
I know we are often divided on politics. And while I like to think that might change one day - you can simply look back in history at what we know now as the greatest leaders ever - and even then they were opposed. No matter what, I respect our leaders, because I know their job is not an easy one. And I pray for them regularly as I think we all should, no matter our differences. So thank you... from our current Commander in Chief, President Obama and to all those who led before him. Thank you to the those in the "small offices". You are more important than most people realize or give you credit for!

Last, but not least...

Thank you to... God for making this my home. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I am blessed to be in the USA! Thank you God for protecting this land and for blessing it and doing a good work of revival in it!

God bless the USA & everyone in it! Now, let's enjoy the fireworks! :)

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