Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Friday We're in Love with... New Bridal Shower Designs!!!

Okay, so occasionally we're in love with our own stuff. That's okay, right? Especially when it's just so darn cute! Last week, Relish finally added Bachelorette Party invitations & Engagement Party invitations to our catalog. This week, we added to our Bridal Shower invitation line by adding new Co-Ed Shower invitations & Lingerie Shower Invitations. And, they are oh, so fresh & fun!!!

Co-Ed Showers are becoming much more popular lately. And why shouldn't guys join in on the fun?! :) In fact, some of our friends recently had a co-ed shower and the guys had just as much fun as the girls! With the invitations, you can make them cute, but want to be sure they aren't too frilly, because they will be going out to guys too. And since many guys will be grumbling about having to go to a "bridal shower" - sending them a frilly invite will not help the situation! So, without further ado, check out these designs!

As you know. all Relish's invitations come in different color combos. So, it's best to just check them out yourself and find out what your favorite option is. I love this His N' Hers so much - here are a few of the other options.

Here is a FAVE from awesome designer Paula Kennedy!

And one from designer Lindsay Brazier Speck...

And one from yours truly (Stephanie Peek Resch)

I just love how simply switching color schemes gives a whole new look and feel to a design!

And now that the guys are taken care of, here's a line that's 100% all woman! ;) Cute, colorful Lingerie Shower Invitations!!!

Want something more simple without lingerie? 

And my FAVE, from designer Lindsay... How cute is this?!

Thanks to our fabulous Relish designers! Check out these and all our products at! And enjoy this wonderful, long holiday weekend! Happy 4th of July everyone!

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