Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday we're in Love with... Enchanted Atelier (couture accessories)

Ahhh... the power of social networking. Since my Facebook 1-month hiatus, I am being careful at how often I let myself get "lost" on there. You know how it is... You see a comment someone left after yours on a friend's page and you recognize that person's name. Then you see they are married to so and so, then you look at their page and it goes on and on... Well, usually the most profound discoveries on Facebook are things like "Awww.. they got married!!" or "wow... THEY got married?!" or "what adorable kids" - nothing too out of the ordinary. So when my rabbit trail the other day led me to a girl from my hometown who owns an amazing wedding biz - I was so excited I couldn't wait to blog about it! And oh... what a find I have stumbled upon! To all my wedding friends, you HAVE to look at this company. It is elegance and beauty and all things wedding wonderful - Enchanted Atelier.

Liv Hart is the woman behind Enchanted Atelier - the woman that I only knew as a high school girl way back when. She was always very artistic and has found a beautiful way to turn art into something you can touch and wear on your most beautiful day. Since entering the wedding industry with Relish, I have had the pleasure to discover many beautiful jewelry stores, bridal shops and accessory lines. But this line of products are special - the pure details to these elegant pieces - they all seem to tell a story. They all feel so original that I would love to have one to pass down to my daughter one day. They look like family heirlooms. They are sincerely moving pieces. And, for couture - they are "price-friendly". I bought couture accessories when I got married and to think I could have had these pieces for what I spent... these pieces have more personality than any I've seen. So, enough about what I think of them. Photos speak louder than words. Below are some of my personal favorites. But please look at the website to see many more. Just look at all the details...

Enchanted Atelier's beautiful products are found in some of the most exclusive couture stores around the country. There are also some products you can purchase directly online. To my Tennessee friends, sadly there are no stores currently carrying these in the Vol State. But, if you or someone you know would like to be the first one - you should contact Liv.

Don't you love a great find?! I'm not the first one to discover this wonderful company. The Knot has featured them as well as many of our "go-to" wedding companies. Remember to check out their full selection online. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lindsey said...

very beautiful pieces she has! When I saw the peacock feather I thought of Erin! She could have worn it for her peacock themed wedding! cute!