Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Become a Long with me- Engagement length:short or long?

I was so beyond swamped last week that sweet Stephanie had to do the Relish blog for me (thank you!!!) My goal for last week was to finalize the rehearsal dinner menu, finalize music and readings for the ceremony, pick out the cake flavors, AND get the invitations in the mail. I can happily say all of those things are COMPLETED! It is a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, and now I can finish all of the DIY projects that I've started, but not finished.

As I was updating my to-do list yesterday (which was the 2 month mark until the BIG day,) I began to realize how soon this wedding is approaching! My to-do list has gone from 3 pages, to less than 1. Dean and I spend our free time doing wedding errands, and those are lessening by the week. It's hard to believe that we've been engaged for 1 year and 10 months. All of my friends thought I was CRAZY for setting a 2 year engagement.

According to The National Association of Wedding Ministers, the average length of engagement is 16 months. It seems that more and more people are waiting to get married, once they get engaged. The reason that we decided to wait so long was 2 reasons.

A. We wanted to get married on the date he proposed.
B. I wanted a sufficient amount of time to plan (since I'm doing it without a wedding planner,) to where I
    am not stressed out all of the time and rushing to do things.

Some people rather not wait and love working with a short deadline and under pressure...I am not one of those people!

Now onto some fun stuff! I have a DIY project that I am thrilled about! I don't know if it's really classified as DIY, but we'll just call it that! I have been looking for the perfect wedding shoes, but couldn't find them. I wanted BLUE...I wanted ballerina slippers...but DIDN'T want a closed toe shoe. I had never seen peep toe ballerina slippers...until NOW!

I happened to Google "blue peep-toe slippers" and came across these at Express online on sale from $39.90 to $27.93. They were perfect, except for the hideous blue flower (see right shoe.) I thought to myself, these shoes are too perfect to let a blue flower get in my way. I hopped over to Etsy (which I live off of) to a shop called Florachel, and asked her to make me 2 hair flower clips to put on my shoes (see left shoe.) Both flower clips cost me $8. I believe that I now have the PERFECT WEDDING SHOES (for me anyway.)

More and more DIY projects are going to be making their appearance, so check in to see what I'm up to next!!

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