Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning Matrimony...Let's get Physical!

Many of you brides out there are probably working out and doing whatever you can to make sure you look great in your wedding dress. I was already in good shape when I got engaged, but I turned it up an extra notch for the big day. The only thing I wasn't prepared for was the "Married 15". I (rather quickly) gained 15 lbs after our "I Dos". Then, I started my own business and working 18 hour days only added the pounds.

I don't think it's all about the weight, but i do think it's all about how you FEEL! AND I personally would like to be around for a long time so I know I need to take care of myself.

There is one more big reason to be active... your love life! It's fun to chase each other, wrestle, tickle, piggy back rides, etc.But extra pounds can put a damper on play time. Spill that over to your intimate life and... well, it can have negative effects.

Here are some tips to fight the "Married 15":

1) Get cookin'! Cook some new healthy dishes! One of our favorite wedding gifts was Better Homes & Garden's Best Recipes Ever. We had so much fun that first year experiencing with new meals and finding our own family faves. There are healthy recipes in there - we just skimmed them. :) Look, don't try to make ALL 100% healthy meals. Cook lasagna one night, cook truck-stop potatoes one night. but spend the other 4-5 nights cooking something fun and HEALTHY! Mix it up, make it fun! Have red wine with the fish, make it romantic. If you are cooking it together, it will be fun! :)

2) Plan your meals! This is a big tip. When both of you work full-time - heck, even if you don't... Suddenly 5 o'clock sneaks up on you and you realize you don't know what you're making for dinner. The outcome can be either something quick and somewhat unhealthy OR even more likely for us - Fast food!! McDonald's is just around the corner from our house and I cringe to think of how much money we've given them over the past 5+ years. Plan your meals!! We plan a big meal on Sundays that can have leftovers for Dustin to take to work through the week so lunches don't come as a surprise.

3) You are what you drink! Drinks have been more of a weakness to me than food. I like Coke... no, I pretty much lust after it. Oh, and have you had the Cherry Dr. Pepper?! Okay... stay focused... these are NOT good for you! The funny thing is that they actually make me also want junk food to accompany them. I have done trials where the only thing I changed in my diet was cutting out the cokes and nothing else. No increase in exercise. And I lost weight! But don't just "cut out" - "add in"! Drink water! It's your friend! Dustin had problems getting used to drinking water so we started with a goal of just 1 bottle of water a day. Just try it - take the challenge! I promise you'll feel better!

4) Exercise... Again, start in small doses if it's not part of your regular life. It doesn't have to mean joining a gym. Take walks together - how sweet that can be! OR... a favorite new way of exercise - the Wii!!! Play a few Wii tennis matches a day! ***Disclaimer: If you are competitive, play on a team together! That's what we have to do! ;)

5) Sleep!!! Get on a good sleep regimen. Sleep helps your body recover, it helps you process food and it gives you energy so you don't have those sugar cravings!!

6) Don't make excuses! I have made excuses for years! While you should NOT feel condemned or ashamed of your current fitness level - don't accept the excuses for being unhealthy! Today is a new day! Start NOW! Just a little at a time!

7) Be accountable! Hold each other accountable to your goals! Do NOT be negative, but be each other's cheer leaders!! Encouragement for even the small steps is so important!!! Don't forget to encourage each other - you are both going to benefit in the end.

I am so determined to get healthy and make our marriage / love life great! We are going to go on a cruise in October! So, today I am setting a goal to lose 25 pounds in the next 12 weeks. I will post updates each Monday to keep me accountable! I'm going to use Calorie Count to help me track my progress. (I love this FREE online tool!) Okay girls (and boys) - what do you say?! Let's relish getting physical!

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