Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BeCome a Long with Me- 73 days and counting!

The BIG day is getting closer and closer, and my stress level is going higher and higher. I feel like I have so much to do and so little time. One thing that actually de-stresses me is our premarital classes with Deacon Dennis Kall at St. Brigid's Catholic Church.

Dean and I have been going to premarital classes with the Deacon at our local church. This is a requirement of the Catholic Church, and since we are getting married in Nashville, but live in Ohio, they are allowing us to do the sessions with a officiant up here, and they will transfer the information to my priest performing the ceremony. Whew!

We had to take a relationship test (separately) and our answers were tallied and given to the Deacon, who then discusses the problem areas with us. It was one of those tests were one question is asked 3 different ways to trick you. We have about 1 or 2 sessions left and are really enjoying it!

We also had to go to an engaged couples retreat, which we attended this past Saturday in Cincinnati. It entailed several different workshops and gave us a lot to think about and discuss. At the end of the 6 hour day, we received a completion certificate, which is what we take to get our marriage license (which knocks off $60!)

I've been trying to figure out what to get our flower girl and ring bearer for their gift. Girls are easier to shop for than boys, which leads me to my DIY project. I got my flower girl a pearl jewelry set:necklace, earrings and bracelet. I bought a wood jewelry box at Michaels for $2.49 and go the butterfly stickers in a pack for $1.00. I had the paint and brushes already. I wanted something for her to be able to keep and put her present in. Here is the final product.


I've been extremely busy trying to get everything purchased and taken care of. If I could have it my way, September would be plan-free (but who am I kidding. ha!) Maybe my wish will come true!

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