Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday We're in Love With... FRIENDS! (Special Gifts for your Bridal Party)

We at Relish know how special our friends are in our normal everyday lives. I have personally been blessed with amazing friends that I consider an extension of my family. Friends end up playing a special role in your wedding day. I think it's such a beautiful moment to see these special people standing beside you during this monumental moment in your life. And even more special is the blending of friends - the bride's and the groom's.

For the wedding, they also usually throw you a shower...

Help you plan the details and help you get ready (and stay calm) the day of  ...

And then at the wedding, they provide comic relief and support during this long, emotional day.

So what do you get these special people to show them how much you love them and to say Thank You? Remember - you're not just thanking them for being in the wedding. You are thanking them for being your support group until your husband came along - that's a pretty big deal. So a special gift to them on your special day is very significant. So, what are some ideas? Relish has created the Top 10 Bridal Party Gift List! (just our own personal faves)

For the girls...
I found several great ideas at Beau-Coup.

Relish loves anything that can make stationery unique. That's why we adore these custom stamps! They come in many varieties and are very budget-friendly. What a great way to create something personal for each bridesmaid that they can use in everyday life!

Another great gift idea is something that they can all wear AT the wedding! I made each of my bridesmaid charm bracelets. They had their monogram on them, their birthstone and unique charm I hand-picked for each different bridesmaid. You may not have time to do that (I don't know how I did!) But here is a beautiful monogrammed heart charm bracelet.

These monogrammed travel cosmetic bags are super cute and very useful! The girls can use them the wedding day and for many future adventures. A very sweet AND practical gift!

If you have a little larger budget, these personalized, engraved jewelry boxes are beautiful and elegant. Bonus touch would be if you could put jewelry for the wedding day inside them. I love that they are well-constructed but small enough for traveling. They will hold your best jewelry safe.

And lastly - NOTES! Design them some custom stationery from Relish! Choose from notepads, note cards or our new, super-cute MINI-note cards! These are gifts you can be creative in designing personally for each girl. OR if you get your wedding stationery through Relish, get matching stationery as gifts. These are gifts they will USE!

Now, for the boys...

I gotta say it's a little frustrating that the main gifts for groomsmen are drinking related items. I think that is a negative perception of men. Drinking is not the only thing men do, nor is it the only thing male friends have as a bond. It's like either a drinking item or a nice ink pen. Really? I mean - REALLY?? But, I digress... :) Because of this, we had to dig a little deeper to find some great, unique ideas! [If you want a personalized flask, feel free - you can find them everywhere online!]

I did find a couple things from Beau-Coup, like this Grill & Golf BBQ Tool Set. BBQ tools are always great ideas for guys. Just make sure they don't already have like 20 sets of them. Remember - you want this to be something they will use!

A monogrammed toiletry bag is actually a really good gift idea. My husband has a cheap bag that he throws everything into and everything is pushed in together and stuff spills, etc. This bag from Beau-Coup is really nicely made and this is something they can use for years to come. Now, if your guys never leave their little spot on the map, maybe you should consider something else. :)

If you have businessmen in your group, these monogrammed cuff links are gorgeous.

And now, my personal favorite, a leather personalized organizer from The reason I love this gift is that I have seen my father, brother and husband all come in and just lay the stuff from their pockets in a pile... somewhere in the house. I have a jewelry box and a purse so I don't have an issue, but my husband lacks a really good "his area". This gift is something all men could use daily!

I also love these personalized duffel bags! They are very manly and rugged, with LOTS of room! Also, they are very inexpensive for such quality bags - just $29.95!

As you can see, the running theme was PERSONALIZED gifts! You know how Relish LOVES customized stuff because every person is unique! Your friends are precious gifts to you. Show them you care by getting them something special. It doesn't have to be expensive - just something you know they will love, because it shows you know and care about them!

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Lindsey said...

LOVED our braclets!! and I loved that mine had the arch on it! Such a creative gift!