Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning Inspiration: Fall Weddings

What a beautiful time of year to get married! The colors turning, the crisp air, the crunchy leaves underfoot. Here are some beautiful ideas we at Relish found for Fall brides.

Of course, the color palette consists of brown, burgundy, rustic orange, basically any color you can find on the leaves.

I've seen sunflowers for floral arrangements, but a more delicate look would be one of the following...

I love this idea for centerpieces, using wheat stems. Besides being beautiful and very Autumn, it could also be very easy and budget-friendly. Add accents like a ribbon to add just a bit of color.

Another centerpiece idea are cranberry votives. You could have a few of these on each table.

Another thing you think of when you think of Fall are apples, specifically caramel apples. If you give some as favors, you will have a season-specific treat, as well as a beautiful table display. Add an Autumn colored tablecloth to really get a great effect.

Another idea for apples is to coat them with dark chocolate and white chocolate. I'm not sure how they would taste, but they look beautiful! Plus, can you go wrong with chocolate? :)

Speaking of tasty treats? Let's not forget the cake! Not only can you make the outside reflect the Fall theme, but consider making the layer flavors cinnamon apple, pumpkin, brown sugar, etc. Now looking at the outside, there are so many ways to make a beautiful Fall cake that we couldn't show them all. The most common way is to add the Fall flowers and leaves to the cake. 

A more unique idea that I fell in love with was the Dark Chocolate cake below. How beautiful!!!

Another great treat would be pumpkin cookies for favors! What an easy way to bring in the Fall love!

Speaking of pumpkins, using mini-pumpkins to hold your place cards is a fantastic idea! Choose between white & orange pumpkins, depending on your color theme.

Don't forget to show guests your theme by first sending them beautiful invitations, like these from Relish's Fall Exclusive Line:

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