Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Relish!

It's hard to believe that a mere 3 years ago today Relish was officially launched!

And it was actually about 9 months before that when it was conceived...

Rebecca & I (Stephanie) were chatting over coffee about helping some of our friends with their wedding invitation designs. We discussed how many invitations we were currently helping friends with because they weren't satisfied with the options being given to them out of the standard "big invitation books". Gradually the chat turned into "Why isn't there something like... this?" We wanted to create a system where brides could A) have a ton of options and B) be able to mix them up easily themselves to design their own invitations. When we first started discussing it, we didn't even have online software in mind. That was where my fantastically smart husband (Dustin) stepped in and voila! Relish was conceived!!! We got to work on designs, software layout, etc and after many long nights (after our day jobs), 9 months later Relish was finally born in May, 2008!!!

We had already attended a bridal show that January and some networking events so we invited some of our favorite Nashville vendors to a small party to celebrate "the beginning" on May 4th, 2008. Below are some of the photos from that launch party! The next day (5th of May, 2008) we launched our iBuilder software online.

We didn't know it that first August afternoon, but we were about to embark on a huge journey! We've been blessed with so much growth since then! We have a board of directors, designers and production assistants to help churn out the gorgeous invitations AND to get us growing to the next level! We have been inspired by bride requests and suggestions and are currently in the process of our 3rd major software upgrade! (it's going to be fabulous... but wait until you see the one after that! teaser, haha) We have now sent out orders to every amazing US state and to several different countries! We are extremely blessed by this business and TRULY LOVE what we do! (more and more every day!)

We just want to say thanks to our customers all across the world for helping us grow! Thanks for your inspiring designs and feedback for ways we can take the "Design your own invitations" to the next level!

Thanks to our amazing Relish team!!! We are considerably blessed to be a company where talent, creativity and cutting-edge technology mesh into an amazing product!

(us with the always amazing Ashley's Bride Guide!)

And a special thanks to our local Nashville vendors that we met 3 years ago, many of whom have become our friends! We've enjoyed watching many of their businesses grow as well! Special hugs & love to Shara (Cakes by Shara), Zach & Jody Gray (Gray Photography), Sarah Willard (Music City Events) and especially Ashley (Ashley's Bride Guide) - you believed in us then and that helped inspire who we are now!

We are definitely enjoying the journey!!!


Stephanie & Rebecca
(and the getrelish team)

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congratulations amazing ladies and wonderful friends!!!! i cant believe it's been 3 years. wow wow wow! many blessing to you and keep making brides smile with gorgeous wedding invitations. i look forward to many more years and red lobster business discussion dates.