Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Friday We're in Love With... Top Relish Moments!

So, as we mentioned in last Friday's blog, Relish celebrating our 3 year anniversary this month. So, three amazing years has come with many great, pivotal moments. When looking back, we thought of the "Top 3" monumental moments. It was hard, because there's been so many great ones, but these moments were ones that brought happy tears, excitement and our next level of growth!

Monumental Moment #3: The Weddings, The (BIG) Bridal Show, January 2009 (Nashville, TN)

We had launched Relish over half a year earlier and had spent those first months working out kinks in the software, improving our product quality, and refining our overall brand. This bridal show was like our real coming-out party to the bridal community.

Since we are an online company, this bridal show was our first opportunity to see brides react to our products and our "design your invitation" concept. The question we had was how to take our software capabilities and turn that into a tangible experience at a bridal show. The answer came in the form of a "mini-invitation bar". We had miniature samples printed of our papers and also had embellishments. They could go through the bar and put together their own mini-invites.

The brides loved it and our line stretched out past 2 other booths. It was the highest traffic booth at the show.

 The best part was seeing the brides reactions as they had so much fun with the experience. THAT is what our whole mission as a company was from the start: to enjoy the experience. By the end of a non-stop 8 hour show, after seeing over 700 brides, we knew without a doubt we had accomplished our mission after a year and a half of building it up! This was the start of something big - for brides and for us Relish as a company!

Our #2 Monumental Moment coming up next week...

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