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How to Complete your Wedding Stationery Package

Wedding invitations are the obvious headliner in your wedding stationery package; they are the one absolute. However, there are many other options to complete your stationery package. The key to completing your package is knowing your options and knowing what your priorities are for your budget. While your budget is something you need to decide, we can provide you more information on your stationery options so that you can figure out what you need to complete your custom wedding stationery package!

1) The Basics:
The Invitation, RSVP Cards, Direction Cards (if deemed necessary), envelope & seal choices were all covered in our previous blog. (For more information on these items, please visit our previous blog.)

Relish Invitations!

2) Save-the-Dates
Save-the-date cards are the one of the most requested stationery items, second only to the invitation itself. Save-the-dates have really increased in popularity over the past few years. One of the most common questions regarding save-the-dates are "Do I need them?". The purpose of Save-the-Dates are to notify your guests of your upcoming wedding far enough in advance for them to make plans. Since the invitations are not sent out until 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding, this does not always allow enough time for guests (primarily out-of-town guests) to prepare (take off work, book a hotel, etc). If you are having a destination wedding or have families that live primarily out-of-town AND you are getting married in more than 4 months, save-the-date cards are a good addition to your stationery package. They have just enough information on them to give your guests the heads-up they need to start planning. Plus, it's an exciting way to announce your engagement! In fact, it's because of that excitement factor that save-the-dates have increased in popularity with all brides, not only those who "need" them. Below are just a few designs offered in Relish's 2009 Save-the-Date collection.

Relish Save-the-Date Cards

Another trend in Save-the-Dates are magnets! They are cute, fun AND they serve a purpose! Seen below are just a few samples from our 2009 line.

Save-the-Date Magnets

Going one step further with Save-the-Dates, Relish offers ways to make them coordinate with your actual wedding invitation, so you set the tone from the beginning. With Relish's "iBuilder Matching", you can choose from 4 different styles which then are custom-matched to your iBuilder wedding invitation! Below are a few samples of the styles we offer (remember, they come to match our tons of iBuilder options, so the possibilites are endless!)

Relish iBuilder Matching Save-the-Dates

3) Bridal Shower Invitations
There are a range of festivities surrounding a wedding. The most traditional is the bridal shower. After that, there are a lot of variables: How many? Hosted by who? In-town or out-of-town? Traditional (women-only), Co-Ed or Themed (Lingerie, Bridal Tea)? The real thing to consider is whether you need to be the one to purchase them. The answer is traditionally NO. Whoever is hosting the shower is generally responsible for purchasing the invitations. However, if you are more of a 'Type-A Bride' (no condemnation - I was one myself), then you may consider choosing your own and purchasing them and then the host(s) of the shower(s) can reimburse you. This is a great idea if there are going to be multiple showers as you could keep a similar theme throughout if you'd like. If you are NOT the bride who wants to control all the aspects of the wedding down to the shower stationery, then refer your friends to where you get your invitations as many companies offer discounts to purchases made for an existing bride. Below are just a few options from Relish's 2009 Bridal Shower line.

Relish Shower Invites

4) Party Invitations
This is very similar to Bridal Shower Invitations in that A) there are many variables into what kind of party it is and B) who is going to organize and pay for the invitations. We would again suggest that you discuss this with the host(s) and decide from there. Party invitations are cute (we especially love these Relish Bachelorette party invites below) and a good way to break free from your stationery theme and just have fun!

Relish Bachelorette

5) Wedding Programs
In our view, wedding programs are the only other absolute necessity after the invitation itself. The only question is how simple or creative you would like them to be. Also, keep in mind that you need a program for each guest, whereas with invitations you only need one per household. Remember this when placing your stationery order.

The traditional program is the simple half-fold as seen below. Relish offers these as iBuilder matching, so they coordinate with your iBuilder invitation.

Relish iBuilder Program

One of the trendiest and most requested programs is the Fan program.They are especially great for outdoor, Summer weddings. Below is a photo of the one from my own wedding - it was outside in July. On the wedding video, you can see all the fans waving (it was hot!) So it's another great guest accomdation (like save-the-dates) if you are getting married in those conditions.

Relish Wedding Program Fans

Stay tuned as we expand our wedding program line in February!

6) Personal Stationery
The most common item in personal stationery is the Thank You Card. This is a must! My mother is among the generation who retain how long it has been since the wedding and how they have not received a thank you yet. There is etiquette for what you should write in a Thank You as well as timelines for sending them out (the standard is no more than 2 months after the wedding). Be sure to get extras as you will get gifts from people not coming to the wedding. It is also a nice idea to give Thank Yous to your vendors, especially the ones you spent time dealing with one-on-one. I made sure to do this and I was shocked one day to see a major restaurant had my Thank You card (and wedding photo) custom-framed, hanging on their lobby wall next to their awards and famous people photos! The point is: Thank Yous matter... to everyone. This is a necessity. Relish offers iBuilder matching Thank You cards, which you can purchase in the iBuilder at the same time as your invitation. Below is a photo of some of the options.

Relish Thank You Cards

Personal Notes are a new, fast-catching trend. Relish has joined the personal note trend by offering iBuilder matching notepads. They come in 2 styles: Magnetic Slim Notes (like the Grocery to-do list stuck on the fridge) and Personal Notepad. These options are seen here:

Relish Notepads

7) "Other" Items:
Lastly, there are many other items to complete the ceremony and reception which involves the printed piece. You may opt to have napkins (we suggest: www.weddingnapkins.com), labels that can be used on Candles, tins, gifts, etc (coming to Relish in February), table cards (we suggest your local printer), and floor and table art (seen below by www.wonderfulgraffitiwedding.com). Whatever you want, there is a way to get it done. Just sit down with your wedding planner and make your list for all your printing needs, prioritize your list and then see what fits into your budget. Whatever you design, make sure it says YOU!

Wonderful Graffiti

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The Relish Team
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