Friday, April 24, 2009

Big siiiiiiiiiiigh.

I returned late Wednesday evening from a week of readapting to my former life as a beach bum (so to speak). I took full advantage of the sunshine, wind and waves. I came inside only to sleep, eat, and occasionally strum a few chords on my guitar.

Amidst the intense relaxation and ferocious unwinding was a spell of inspiration that I haven't experienced in years. The complete lack of cell phone played a valuable role, as well as no internet/email. My mind was captivated by God's creation, and when that happens, who doesn't have the urge to go create something? Sure, my creations will always pale in comparison to His, but we are created God's image. So we create, too.

Songs and pictures, ideas and theories... simply having room to explore and expand your heart and mind produces results. Take a break-- five minutes, five hours or five days... shut off the world for a bit, and be inspired to tackle those wedding details you just can't decide on. And when you turn your computer back on, head over to Relish and make it happen!

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