Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is your Color one of the Hottest Colors of 2010?

So you're engaged (congrats!) What is the first things that you do? First, you tell everyone!!!! Then, it's setting a date, and then maybe you pick your bridal party or book the venue. For me, it was picking my wedding colors! I decided to go with black, white and tiffany blue. I know some say you're supposed to pick colors that go with the season that you choose to get married in, but I wanted to go with the colors that I love! It's my day, right? With it being wedding season and everyone getting married or engaged left and right, I thought I'd blog about an interesting article I stumbled across that discusses the top 5 wedding colors for 2010.

Top 5 Hottest Wedding Colors for 2010

1. Blue or any hues of it - This is actually the year's lucky color also according to the Chinese predictions.

2. Off white - It's not just brides who have access to the pure color these days. Dress your entourage into something close by giving them off white as a background with some colorful highlights.

3. Orange - Bright and colorful, the color orange is a fun experimental way to highlight your wedding this year.

4. Purple - Purple may not be the year's color but it sure is going to be a hit this year for your wedding day.

5. Green - Use mint greens or yellow green as your hue should you try this one as your wedding color.

Now on for my DIY project for the week. I've always seen those card boxes that look just like wedding cakes but did NOT like the price tag attached to them! EEEEKKK! I decided to take matters into my own hands and create one myself. I was very nervous at first...and here is the final product!

I spent $10 for the set of paper mache boxes at (with free shipping,) $5 for the damask wrapping paper at Michael's, satin flower for $2.46 at Walmart (on clearance) and used leftover ribbon to decorate the box. For me, I'd rather make something and know it's my own creation, then to buy it from someone else! And it was so much fun to make!

At Relish, we love COLOR and advise you use as much color possible! :) Although we love to follow trends, it's YOUR day and make it your own!

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